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Upstream Partners with the Natural Resources Conservation Service
Upstream Partners with the Natural Resources Conservation Service
Jun 10, 2024, 6:00 PM
Moncks Corner
Learn more about annual payments provided by the Conservation Stewardship Program and other initiatives that can improve your land's productivity and value.
Man Fishing in the River

"I'm sitting in an old chair on our land.  My tent is cast and I'm watching the sunset.  A deer makes its way to the water's edge, the squirrels are effortlessly sailing from tree to tree.  I am a landowner.  This experience is one of many at our plot.

I'm also an entrepreneur and land is not cheap, so my quest was to learn how to make our plot earn its way, and so I did.  Through a workshop, my wife and I enrolled in a funding assistance program.  Now our land is creating income and we have a plan to keep it sustainable for generations to come.

My wife and I were are so passionate about how land changes lives, we founded Help For Landowners to assist others".


How We Help


How we help: 

  • We listen.  You have questions, you have goals - we want to provide answers.

  • We provide you a free map set of your land to understand its attributes.

  • We'll help you realize the benefits of owning land, and how to protect it.

  • We'll help you consider your plot's best use.

  • We'll assist with a plan for now and the future.

  • We'll show you how to create income from your land.

  • We'll assist you in getting the financial assistance you deserve to get your land working.

  • We'll connect you with proven professionals who can assist with ground services. 

Free Map



  • African Americans

  • Veteran Farmers

  • Veteran Ranchers

  • Hispanics

  • Asians

  • Beginning Farmers

  • Beginning Ranchers

  • American Indians

  • Alaskan Natives

  • Limited Resource Farmers

  • Limited Resource Ranchers and others.


Help For Landowners is a 501c3 organization based in South Carolina.

Founded by beginning farmer Tonya Michael and family, our team are seasoned land professionals, landowners,
and entrepreneurs.

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Help for Landowners is here to help resuscitate your land, so it can live, breathe, and thrive at its fullest potential. We care about all land rooted here on Earth. We want to serve landowners who may not have a voice to be heard through the complicated federal financial programs available to them. We want to not only help landowners profit from their land, but also educate and provide nurturing ground services, such as harvesting, replanting, and managing controlled burns. Because it’s an ongoing, evolving process to keep your land in good health and wealth.

Contact Us
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Help For Landowners | 501c3

156 Rivers Edge Drive

Conway, SC 29526

(504) 220-0881

Thank You For Reaching Out

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